Top Weapons In Bayonetta 3 (february 2023)

Top Weapons In Bayonetta 3: The third game in the Bayonetta series adds a lot of new weapons, each of which has its own feedback and set of moves. Almost every weapon gives you a different way to fight and deal with enemies, which keeps the game interesting the whole time. Some of the game’s weapons really stood out to us because they felt great to use and did great damage. These are some of the best weapons in Bayonetta 3 that you should try out, whether you are new to the series or a long-time fan getting back into it.

Top Weapons In Bayonetta 3

Top Weapons In Bayonetta 3

Cruel Altea

Top Weapons In Bayonetta 3: This weapon is unlocked after you beat the game, and it is still way too strong. Altea is very good at long-range attacks, and Labolas, one of the strongest demons in the game, is inside of it.

During the Demon Masquerade form, the weapon is quite a show. It throws ice shards at enemies. In her normal attack form, she punches enemies down and covers them in blue flames.

All of the weapons on the list are very powerful and can be used by players with different levels of skill. People who want to beat the game again in the new game plus mode will find these very useful.


In character action games, I love nothing more than a weapon that lets me move as quickly as the game lets me. In Bayonetta 3, Simoon was that weapon for me. When it comes to how they work overall, they are similar to Color My World.
Simoon’s attacks are fast and hard-hitting, and the animations are fast enough to almost keep up with your input. Crowd control is done by using skills that turn Bayonetta into Malphas and use AoE attacks in a circular motion. The air control is as good as you would expect. The enemies can be thrown into the air, and a barrage of deadly attacks can be used against them.

One thing that sets Simoon apart from Color My World is that you can put distance between you and your enemies. For example, the skill “Sahib” lets Bayonetta fly into the air and throw a downward X-shaped wind slash that instantly puts distance between you and the enemies.

Color My World

Color My World is a great way to get started with the game. When it comes to stopping power, these high-powered handguns are also the best choice. In addition, it is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Bayonetta 3.

There is one more good thing about these handguns. Color My World will just use dance-like moves to color your world. And the Purple Demonic Energy backs up all of these attacks.


The Tartarus is a powerful close-range weapon that is great for killing heavy enemies. It can be used with both incendiary rounds and armor-piercing rounds. It can be used after completing Chapter 12.


Viola’s primary weapon is a Mab-Dachi, which resembles Vergil’s Yamato in that it is also quick and lethal. Due to the new weapon’s design, Witch Time is triggered through parrying rather than dodging, further promoting a close-range strategy.
The damage from Mad-charged Dachi’s attack is really monster, especially from Chromatic Moon, even if you ignore the combinations. When Chromatic Moon is used, even the most basic of foes are quickly and easily dispatched. A sword’s lack of AoE or crowd control capabilities is a myth.

Because Cheshire is a demon associated with Mad-Dachi, she grants Viola and her weapon the crowd control and tremendous AoE need to survive against a large group of foes. By invoking Cheshire with Syncopated Growl, Viola is able to spin about and push aside or throw away any adjacent foes.

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