How Can I Use Redeem Codes To Get A Free Fire v badge code

Participants in major events and members of Garena’s partner programme are the only ones eligible to get the Free Fire v badge code. To show that you are a professional player or well-known FF content creator, you have earned the verified (V) badge.

These are the two primary explanations for why the majority of Free Fire players don’t have the V Badge. Given that not everyone can join Garena’s partner programme or become a professional player, we’ve cracked the code for a free V Badge.

That’s right, you read that correctly! This V Badge can be earned without taking part in any major tournament. Need to find out how? So, I’d recommend seeing this through to the end.

How Can I Use Redeem Codes To Get A Free Fire V Badge

About Free Fire V Badge Code

The fact that it’s so tough to join Garena’s partner programme and have millions of YouTube followers is one of the main reasons why so many Final Fantasy players look for methods to add the V Badge symbol to their profile or custom room name.

So that you don’t have to scratch your brains trying to figure out how to join Garena’s partner programme, we’ve provided you with a V Badge symbol code to include into your profile. Not sure how to add the verified icon to your FF profile? We’ve compiled a detailed tutorial that explains how to do the same thing in the simplest way possible.

  • Start by launching Free Fire on your mobile device.
  • Click the user profile image in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • To make edits, use the pencil icon (see video below).
  • This will bring up a new window where you may write “I Love You Free Fire” by tapping the pencil icon in the Signature section.
  • Simply cut and paste the following code for the Free Fire V badge into the Signature text box: [b][c][ffd319]V[i][FF0000.
  • After you’ve pasted your information, click the OK button and then return to your profile.
  • Your profile will now display the Final Fantasy V Badge icon, which you earned by meeting the requirements.

Different Colours For V Badge

V Badge is also available in different colours and you can buy different colours of V Badge by using the redeem code given below. V Badge All Colours Code.

Verified (V) Badge Golden Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Red Color Code[b][c][ff0000]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Pink Color Code[b][c][ff00ae]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Violet Color Code[b][c][b400ff]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Blue Color Code[b][c]0600ff]Ⓥ 
Verified (V) Badge Green Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Yellow Color Code[b][c][FFFF00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Orange Color Code[b][c][ff9c00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Light blue Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Parrot green Color Code[b][c][bfff6d]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Scarlet blue Color Code[b][c][00c6ff]Ⓥ 

Free Fire Requirements for the V Badge

If the statement Garena published when they launched the Free Fire Ob25 update is any indication, all content producers who have joined the Garena Partner programme will be given an in-game badge.

In Free Fire, what does V Badge mean?

V Badge in Free Fireworks is equivalent to the verified blue checkmark on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as we’ve previously discussed. A V badge in your Free Fire profile indicates that you are a top-tier player.

According to the official Garena website, this badge is only available to players who are part of partner programmes or content producers, who attend Garena LAN events, and who compete in other significant competitions.

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To quote their official statement:

The Fire Partner Program is Free and Open to the Public at This Time. In-game Partners may now be easily identified by their unique emblem. Find them and give them a big dose of your favourite expression!

It’s difficult to join the Garena Partner Program. There are several stipulations you must achieve in order to join Garena Free Fire’s Partner Program.

  • You need more than a million people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • You need at least 300,000 views in the previous 30 days on YouTube. Be sure that the majority of your views (at least 80%) come from Free Fire posts.
  • Even if you match the requirements, there is a limited amount of spots in the Garena Partner programme, thus meeting them is no guarantee that you will be accepted.
  • You will get the following goods as a thank you for joining the Garena Partner Program:
  • Custom Room Cards.
  • Diamonds
  • Financial Compensation
  • Diamonds Monetary Recompense

There will be an official invitation to the competition, as well as event-specific memorabilia.
That’s all there is to knowing how to add the Free Fire V Badge in 2023 with a single line of code.

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