Vesteria Codes (January 2023): Free Game Rewards

Vesteria Codes (January 2023): In-game bonuses are always appreciated by players. With a Vesteria code, you can get some incredible advantages in your travels. Since so many people play Vesteria on Roblox, the codes for it are likely to change often as new achievements are unlocked. In case you’re interested in trying out some old and some new Vesteria codes, we’ve included both sets of codes below. Stay tuned until the end because we’ll also explain how to cash them in so you can earn your rewards as soon as possible.

Vesteria Codes

Vesteria codes (Active)

Here below the list of all active codes are provided

  • OceanLaunch22 – free in-game rewards
  • VesteriaBDay – 99 fireworks
  • apple – random consumable (not an apple)
  • 4thBday – free birthday fireworks
  • cactus – 50 ethyr
  • MushFriend – prompt to purchase mush accessory
  • MushPet – Baby Shroom pet
  • PremiumStore – free in-game rewards
  • mercyrocks – free in-game rewards
  • KySK_01V – free in-game rewards
  • LegendaryStick – free in-game rewards
  • Gullible – free gift
  • RealFreeStuff – free gift
  • photoniscool – free gift
  • Terminator – free gift
  • s10th – free gift (you need to be level ten to redeem this code)
  • LocalCode – free gift (you need to be level ten to redeem this code)
  • Surprise! – free dev gift (you need to be level ten to redeem this code. Expires in 30 minutes)
  • ImHappy – free gift
  • ImSad – on-screen message
  • Photoiscool – free ether crystal

How do I redeem my Vesteria codes?

Follow these easy steps to get your Vesteria codes redeemed.

  • Launch Vesteria in Roblox
  • Tap the gear icon to open the settings menu.
  • Type your code into the “secret code” text box under “Options.”
  • Follow the arrow.
  • Have fun with your gifts!

Our Vesteria codes are done. If you want more adventures outside of the blocky world of Roblox, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs or our list of the best mobile games for a wider range of genres.

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How to Get More Acquiring Vesteria Codes?

We’d want to make it clear that we don’t create Vesteria codes; new codes’ release dates are set entirely by the game’s developers. When there is a major change, celebration, or achievement, new codes are often distributed. Many Roblox game creators, for instance, distribute new codes if their game reaches certain levels of popularity or pageviews.

For the latest code updates, join the official Discord server, like the game’s official Facebook page, or follow the game’s official Twitter account. In order to promote their games, the vast majority of Roblox creators set up a Roblox Group, Discord server, or Twitter account. Instagram and Facebook accounts dedicated to the game are extremely hard to come across.

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