Wild Horse Islands Codes (february 2023)

Wild Horse Islands Codes: In Wild Horse Islands, you need tokens to buy food, tools, and more horses, as well as other things that are important to the game. You can get tokens by selling things you find around the world, like wild horses, or by helping NPCs with their quests.

You can also get free gifts right away by using codes in the game. Developers give players codes they can use to get exclusive or important items that can help them get a head start.

Wild Horse Islands Codes

Wild Horse Islands Codes (Active)

Here are all the Wild Horse Islands codes that work.

  • KOOLIE-PLUSH—Redeem for a free Isabella Plush Accessory!
  • TY-4-100M-VISITS—Redeem for free 100M Glasses Accessory!
  • VAN-BUN-BUN-BOW—Redeem for a free Bunilla Bunny Bow Accessory!

How to use codes for Wild Horse Islands?

It’s simple and quick to use Wild Horse Island codes.

  • In the game, click your token balance at the top of the screen to open the Token Shop menu.
  • At the bottom of the Token Shop menu, press “Redeem Code.”
  • As shown in the list above, type your code into the text box.
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard to start having fun!

How do I get more codes for Wild Horse Islands?

Most of the time, developers give out codes when there is an update, an event, or when a goal is reached, like when a certain number of likes is reached. Some developers will put them right in the game’s description or image to let players know when they are available.

But some developers may want you to follow them on social media sites like Twitter or Discord if you want to stay up to date. Follow this event on the Happy Acres Discord Server or @WildHorseIsland on Twitter. You can also bookmark this page and check it whenever you want to see if a new code has been added.

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