Xbox update for Modern Warfare 2 Huge Update

Xbox update for Modern Warfare 2 Huge Update: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players just got some exciting news: a new update is now available on Xbox. This update can be downloaded right now and will bring your game up to version 1.08. On PC and Playstation, the update is only about 1 GB, but players on Xbox One or Xbox Series X had to download 50 GB, which is confusing. No one has yet told us why these versions are so different in size, but we hope to find out one day.

Xbox update for Modern Warfare 2 (Update 1.08 Patch Notes)

New Updates

We’ve fixed a number of bugs that were happening on all platforms, including the bug that caused some players who were partying in-game to crash when looking for a match. The update from last night should make it less likely to crash. We’ll keep keeping an eye on live issue reports and fix them as soon as we can.

Xbox update for Modern Warfare 2 Huge Update
  • We’ve made general changes to the game, like fixing the problem where some camos wouldn’t unlock as you leveled up.
  • Fixed framerate drop issues.
  • Fixed known freezing problems.
  • Problems with stuttering and lagging have been fixed.
  • Overall, things get better.


  • In multiplayer, enemy or live ping will stay turned off until Season 1 comes out and a fix is made. Because of a bug, some players’ ping stayed even after they died. At the moment, KBM players can still risk ping.
  • In some game modes, the player icon on the minimap will no longer go away when a player is revived.


  • We’re collecting data on how weapons work and how they’re used, and when Season 1 starts, we’ll give you more information about how weapons are balanced.
  • We turned off the ability to tune attachments last week because it was causing problems for players who had four or more tuned attachments equipped at the same time. In the update from last night, we turned on attachment tuning again, so players shouldn’t have any more trouble putting attachments on their weapons.

PC Updates

  • Some important problems were fixed by a recent NVIDIA hotfix. Make sure the game is running on drivers 526.61.
  • The FPS reading on the PC benchmark map has been changed to be more accurate.


On top of the changes we’ve already made, we’re also keeping an eye on issues that are still happening. Some of the known problems at the moment are:

We are aware of the following problems, and work is being done to fix them.

  • Riot shield makes it impossible for chopper gunner and VTOL to hurt you.
  • DDOS Field bug in the ability to upgrade
  • There is a bug with the height of the helicopters that sometimes lets them leave the map.


  • Breenbergh Hotel has been added to Third Person Moshpit.
  • There are no big changes to the map, but in the days since launch, we have fixed a number of exploits and bugs with the way the map is made. We’ll keep making small changes every day through updates.

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