Zold Out tier list (February 2023)

Zold Out tier list: Despite the “recent” debut of the game, a large number of players are still searching for the most influential Zold Out characters. We’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to organize everything is to make our very own Zold Out tier list.

What’s A Tier List?

This is a question we should have tackled right off the off, right? You might think of a tier list as a simple ranking of all the playable characters in a certain game, from greatest to worst. Here, S represents the top-tier of characters, D the bottom, and A, B, and C the fill-ins.

Zold Out tier list

If you have a tier list, it will be much easier to choose which characters to utilize at each level of the game. We hope this explanation of our ranking approach will help you make the most of our ranked list.

For instance, there are times when a character shines in the beginning of a game but falls off later on. Or perhaps they excel at a specific game mode. As much as possible, we’ll be sure you understand.

Zold Out tier list

RankZold Out characters
SMorgan, Ashley, Gloria, Karen, Natalie
AFaustina, Luther
BAurura, Hilda, Irene, Dawn, Veronica
CKeith, Gino, Jane, Ella, Margarete, Adelaide
DGail, Karl, Josh, Tess, Afra, Norman, Celia, Rosetta
EMilly, Carolyn, Rae, Doris

Where can you get the game to download?

You can download and play Zold:out on your PC through Steam and on your phone either from Google Play or the App Store.


We have explained “Zold Out tier list” in the above section of the post, and we hope that you all understand the post easily. If you have any queries, please leave a comment in the comment box. We will try to resolve your issue.

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